Our Company

Tartan Solutions is an official SAP Partner and a preferred vendor of services related to SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PaPM) model design and implementation. We are SAP PaPM specialists. The Tartan Solutions Team’s core business is Costing and Financial Modeling with SAP PaPM, and we pride ourselves in being the best in the world at our craft.

Tartan Solutions is the preeminent vendor of SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PaPM) design and implementation services. We have successfully implemented SAP costing solutions many times since our inception, and we are frequently the “fix-it” team called in to optimize implementations that were initially attempted by other firms.  The Tartan Solutions Team’s achievements include successful implementations across many different industries, addressing a wide range of financial modeling situations.

Over the years, our firm has solidified the best systems, practices, and processes to quickly and efficiently model various complex situations with.  We are experts in handling edge cases and business-specific unique circumstances that modeling tools do not easily handle out of the box.  We leverage our experience and library of custom rules to optimize model design and handle complex cases efficiently

  • Discrete Manufacturing

  • High Tech Manufacturing

  • Process Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Investment Banking

  • Insurance

  • Payment Processing

  • Agriculture

  • Many, Many More

Meet The Tartan Solutions Team

Paul Morel

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Michael Rea

Co-Founder and Managing Director

The Tartan Solutions Team consists of a roster of the best SAP PaPM skillsets in North America. Paul Morel and Michael Rea started the company in 2005 to focus on costing and profitability analytics. Since that time, we’ve grown to a team of 14 employees and contractors. Half of our team consists of cost allocation experts, all with deep prior experience with SAP PaPM and other costing technologies prior to joining our firm. The remainder of our team consists of software developers and support staff. Our software developers build and maintain the PlaidCloud service which integrates with and automates SAP PaPM. We have served dozens of SAP PaPM customers since our inception, and we possess the deepest bench of SAP PaPM expertise in North America.