Metify Conversion

SAP Partner

With support of Metify discontinued, upgrading to PCM provides a straightforward path for not only retaining the capabilities Metify provided, but also creating many more possibilities with the wider range of options and flexibility of PCM. Now that PCM 10 fully supports Bill of Materials (BOM) calculations, the last remaining hurdle for a clean transition has been removed.

We support the transition process including planning and migration. While upgrading to PCM without process changes is straightforward, we would encourage consideration of PCM’s capabilities to improve business processes and reduce data loading requirements. For example, Metify lacked a rules engine, which can significantly reduce data loading or multi-pass model requirements.

We provide PCM in the Cloud so you can decide whether to keep PCM on-premise or leave the running of PCM to us.

If you would like to learn more about how Tartan Solutions can help please email us. Qe would be happy to discuss your business and potential solutions with you.