Our Credentials

Tartan Solutions is an official SAP Partner and a preferred vendor of services related to SAP PCM model design and implementation.

SAP Partner

World Class SAP PCM Design and Implementation Expertise

Tartan Solutions is the preeminent vendor of SAP Profitability and Cost Management design and implementation services. We have successfully implemented SAP PCM over one dozen times since our inception, and we have frequently been the “fix it” team that has optimized implementations that were initially attempted by other firms.  Our industry-leading track record includes successful implementations across many different industries addressing a wide range of financial modeling situations.

Over the years, our firm has solidified the best systems, processes, and practices to quickly and efficiently model various, complex situations with SAP PCM.  We are experts in handling edge cases, business-specific unique circumstances that SAP PCM does not handle out-of-the-box but can handle efficiently with expertise in model design and custom rules.

Industries Served

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Payment Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Non-Profit

SAP PCM Financial Modeling Expertise

  • Customer, Product, and Channel Costing & Profitability
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Cost Management
  • High Volume Transactional Costing
  • Standard Costing & Transfer Pricing
  • Predictive modeling for planning and forecasting

Modeling Performance Optimization

We can streamline systems to incorporate financial models that others would cede to alternate off-line processes. Our approach reduces the number of steps for running models.  Through command of SAP PCM’s unique in-memory, multi-dimensional data structure and user-defined rule capability, we frequently make order-of-magnitude improvements to existing PCM cost models.

Data Integration & Workflow Automation

Normally, SAP PCM is a cog in a larger end-to-end data collection, modeling, and reporting system.  We have a track record integrating SAP PCM into larger workflows.  Often, the extract-translate-and load (ETL) portions of an SAP PCM implementation effort make up 60-80% of the overall work effort.  We have developed the best practices for streamlining the ETL processes for SAP PCM.  We also developed a tool that allows PCM to load, calculate, and export routines on demand. This tool is triggered from other systems and has a high degree of automation and scheduling capability.

If you would like to learn more about how Tartan Solutions can help please email us. We would be happy to discuss your business and potential solutions with you.