SAP PCM Usage in High-Automation Environments

SAP Partner

For many years, companies have used cost and profitability analytics applications. However, for large companies, its use has been limited to one-off analysis or off-line charge back cost determinations. As companies began recognizing the returns from investments in ERP, supply chain, and other financial systems over the last few years, more and more companies are using these vast stores of data to drive activity based costing on a grand scale.

As part of a long term successful process, the manual maintenance and effort must be reduced to manage personnel risk and the introduction of errors throughout the process. With a combination of tools available from PCM as well as use of automation tools such as PlaidLink or tools specific to each client, we strive to automate and streamline processes as much as is both possible and practical. While it is often not practical to automate every input, the loading and running of models can be fully automated. Scheduling PCM calculations, triggering a calculation from events, or ad-hoc calculations to run in a “lights-out” manner ensures it runs the same way each time with the minimum of manual effort.

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