Activity Based Costing & Enterprise Profitability Planning

Tartan Solutions provides expertise in implementing and reporting from activity-based costing systems and financial systems. We have an extensive background in integrating various tool sets with data warehouses, transactional systems, and other data repositories. Tartan Solutions provides your company with insightful profitability or other financial metrics reporting solutions.

Since we have worked with complex global businesses, we understand that financial data often must have many layers of logic applied to remove distortions that arise from actions like write-offs, write-downs, and intra-company transactions. In addition, each business is unique in terms of the processes used to apply terms discounts and allowances, process receivables, and many other day-to-day financial functions. Therefore, a reporting solution or activity based costing solution must include these unique understandings.

If you would like to learn more about how Tartan Solutions can help please email us and we would be happy to discuss your business and potential solutions with you.

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