Multi-Dimensional Report Planning & Implementation

Reporting is the foundation for decision making for virtually every major company in existence, yet it is often considered a secondary priority to other systems. The purpose of reporting is to increase productivity, to comply easier with regulatory requirements, and to facilitate better decision-making.

We believe better decision-making comes from two sources. The first is day-to-day management of the business. Everyday management requires standard sets of high performance reports capable of providing up to date business information tailored to those who need it.

The second area to consider when improving decision-making is unique business analysis. This type of analysis was traditionally performed through ad-hoc queries of systems and tedious assembly of data. Many companies have opted to implement OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) solutions, which are great if the OLAP architecture and data selections ae properly set-up.

Unfortunately, many companies have attempted to use OLAP for everyday reporting requirements, which has required additional training and more time to retrieve the same information contained in standard reports.

On the other side, OLAP has often been implemented without all of the required data in one cube, which leads to the manual assembly of data again, thus removing the real benefits of OLAP.

We believe there are methods where both standardized reporting and OLAP coexist in a business. Proper planning around business usage and data requirements is critical to yield the most from your data and to maximize the productivity of those using the information.

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