Business Systems Integration & Reporting

Reporting is an essential part of decision-making and operations. Mere data reporting is not difficult, but creating an informative, fluid report often involves more art than science. Behind the report are layers of required data and business logic.

When data resides in different systems, sourcing data for insightful reports is quite challenging. Often these systems can’t communicate with each other, or the relationships are not easily matched. For example, customer orders are stored in an order entry system, the customer’s accounting and receivable information is stored in the ledger system, and finally the shipments and freight related information resides in a third system – all with their own unique customer IDs and some with slightly different customer names. While this is a relatively simple example, the complexity of data integration and subsequent reporting requires a clear understanding of how each set of data relates to the others and the unique business logic applied to the data such as special transaction codes. Simply extracting and merging the data often results in meaningless information because of this unique business logic.

Once the data integration component is in place then the reporting portion can accelerate through iterations of reports to arrive at insightful yet easily readable reports.

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