PlaidCloud provides a set of integrated applications for business analytics, making it easy to collaborate with others on your team no matter where they are located.

PlaidCloud facilitates seamless integration with your data whether it is SQL databases, CSV files, SAS files, HDF5, or other file formats.  You can start driving powerful analytics and insight using the right tool for the job.  Learn more about PlaidCloud at or see the summary of powerful capabilities below: 


A comprehensive, high-powered analytics platform providing the ability to design, deploy, and collaborate on repeatable analysis workflows.  Analyze includes a full data curation workbench, plus the ability to conduct simple to complex analysis for large datasets.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.


A file management system that accesses files stored in Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloudfiles, Dropbox, Google Drive, files stored on your systems, and PlaidCloud high performance storage.  Document provides temporary file sharing with team members, as well as useful tools like file backup.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.


A web based collaboration tool that integrates with SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PCM), allowing organizations to decentralize model management and provide change approval workflows.  In addition, it integrates with SAP PCM’s Bill of Materials functionality and presents BOM costing information to users via a web interface. Profit also allows BOM cost changes via entry or upload of files.  The BOM functionality of Profit enables easy viewing of component and assembly costs anywhere in the structure and helps you easily find each place where a component is used.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.


A comprehensive project management application for time, expenses, and billing.  Includes the ability to add and track sub-contractors.  Automatically generate invoices with receipts attached.  Track payments and open invoices.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.


The capabilities within Tools allows you to schedule processes in Analyze, Document, and Profit using the Schedule feature.  Schedule allows very granular control over PlaidCloud processes, as well as scheduling processes that run on other servers.  Tools also includes the ability to create and manage PlaidCloud agents. When installed on internal servers, PlaidCloud agents enable file access or perform processes locally on your servers.  Tools provides you will your very own high performance queue based on RabbitMQ.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.


PlaidCloud includes innovative security features that incorporate security best practices to enable you to control access to PlaidCloud applications.  Identity manages various types of member authentication including basic password, multi-factor, OpenID, and Single Sign-On.  Learn More at PlaidCloud.

How to Purchase

Please email us to discuss purchase options and getting started with configuring a Cloud to suit your needs.