PlaidXL is a SAP Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) information access tool designed to allow direct access to information from within Excel. Unlike other MDX connection software in Excel, it provides for rich report construction and analysis because it preserves formatting and formulas upon refresh.

PlaidXL enables the use of PCM information for rapid ad-hoc analysis or as part of a collection of information from many sources. PlaidXL requires only an Excel plugin, and no special training is required to use information retrieved from PCM.

How it Works

PlaidXL makes use of the MDX connection made available with your licensed PCM installation.  PlaidXL accesses all cubes available in PCM Models, including results cubes such as “CostObjectValue,” rule-based cubes such as “LineItemDetailValue,” and Input cubes such as “ActivityDriverValue.”  PlaidXL includes a data access wizard that ensures proper information access and enables business users to focus on analysis. PlaidXL allows connecting to many different PCM models. While populating multiple tabs, PlaidXL can refresh with a single refresh.

Benefits of PlaidXL

  • Produce repeatable, formatted, printable standardized reports based on SAP PCM data and calculations.
  • Drill down hierarchies in ad-hoc fashion into PCM hierarchies
  • Leverage your users’ existing Excel skills and intuition.  PlaidXL allows users to interact with PCM in a sophisticated way from their “native turf” of MS Excel.

How to Purchase

Please email to discuss purchase options.

PlaidXL Demo